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Working to extend and improve the bridleway network in the Peak District National Park

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Locating bridleways - using the mapping portal

How to report a problem with a bridleway

Repairing bridleways

Anyone who rides knows how important a well maintained, linking network of bridleways and by-ways is. Peak Horsepower:

  • has an action plan covering safety, repairs and developing and restoring bridleways

  • helps people report problems to authorities.

  • volunteers to assist with repairs on damaged routes once we know off-roaders are excluded.

  • organises an annual social ride to help riders enjoy themselves!


More details of these are given below

Bridge judy + wendy

Photographs from the 2013 Black Harry ride organised by Peak Horsepower

BlackHarryride2012 BlackHarryride2012(2) BlackHarryride2012(3) BlackHarryride2012(5) BlackHarryride2012(4)

You might want to report a problem with a route or know its status - is it a bridleway, by-way or footpath, for example? Knowing the number of the bridleway can help avoid confusion.


You can now use the Derbyshire on-line mapping portal to find out the number of a bridleway or other right of way. Here's how:


  • Go to

  • On the home page click I accept

  • Go to the box on the left side of the screen and type in the location,or select it from the drop down list

  • Click Find

  • Go to Change map information on the left hand side of the screen

  • Tick Environment

  • Tick Rights of Way (the one which has a green slash in the little box)

  • A message will then come up saying it is not the Definitive Map – click OK

  • Click the i ( map information) button on the bottom right hand side

  • Click on the bridleway to obtain the number


If you want the information in order to report a problem with a bridleway, Click on Open webpage in a new window and complete the form.

Peak Horsepower Action Plan

Click on the links to look at each section of our action plan and how things are progressing (often slowly...)






Historical research and new routes

BridlewaysignTPT PB110552

1. Report firstly to Derbyshire County Council using their online reporting form at


They will ask you to provide a grid reference or bridleway number - see above.


2. To help us monitor the overall situation, please send a copy of your report to [email protected]

The BHS has set up a website for reporting horse riding accidents.




The statistics being gathered via the site can support requests for action by the BHS, or any other pressure group. If you are involved in an accident, please consider reporting it to the website.

Had an accident while horse riding? Taylor Lane Working Party 20110806 009 Taylor Lane Working Party 20110807 006

Enjoying some riding!

Peak Horsepower volunteers helped repair Taylor Lane as part of the Peak Park's Black Harry project.


Taylor Lane had been badly damaged by off-road vehicles but has now been designated a bridleway, so off-roaders are excluded.


From being a deeply rutted dangerous lane our work, and that of Peak Park Volunteers, has restored the bridleway and it is now a glorious canter.


We hope to help repair other routes in the future - let us know if you are interested in helping.

Please follow the Peak Park  Green Lanes Code when out riding to ensure all users have have a good experience when using shared Rights of Way in the Peak District.