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Below are images of the damage done by off-road vehicles in the Peak District National Park

Off-roader damage Brishfield 2012(3) chapel gate

Here is what our members told us about the effect of off-roading on their riding:


'Over the last 10 years the explosion in off-roading has destroyed most of the lanes I used to be able to ride on. They are now so rutted that it is not safe to take a horse along them and the noise of the motor bikes and the speed at which they come along is terrifying for horses and very dangerous.”


We have lived in Bamford for 26 years and ridden two lovely old packhorse trails .. to access the quiet lanes above the Hope Valley. Now they have been taken over by noisy, fast motorbikes and long convoys of 4 x 4 vehicles.It simply isn't safe to ride there any more”.


Peak Horsepower is working with others to reclaim the green lanes and trails from off-roaders



Bradley Lane, Pilsley

A recent public inquiry rejected a BOAT claim on Bradley Lane. Assuming there are no well-founded late objections to the Inquiry Inspector’s reasoning, the focus will now switch to getting DCC to put in vehicle barriers to stop any future illegal use of the lane by offroaders.  


Many  thanks to Diana Mallinson of the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance and to Patricia Stubbs of Peak Horsepower for the immense amount of work which went into this three-day public inquiry, and also to Pilsley residents for the evidence that defeated offroader claims to have established vehicle rights through 20 years uninterrupted use.  PHP members gave evidence about public nuisance and danger for horse riders .


If anyone is interested in helping with evidence gathering for public inquiries into BOAT claims, please let us know.  It is a vital activity and we need more people to get involved. Even where we don't win, the evidence gathered about public nuisance is invaluable for building a case for a TRO.


Clough Lane, Birchover

There is a BOAT claim on Clough Lane which it is not possible to defeat. It has a historic right of way for horse-drawn vehicles and the current law says this means that modern vehicles also have the right to use it, regardless of this being damaging and dangerous.  The lane is however on the Peak Park’s list of lanes which need intervention.  


We think the only answer is a Traffic Regulation order banning all types of vehicle from the lane. You can help by complaining about danger to horse riders both to the Peak Park and Derbyshire County Council. Email your complaints to  [email protected] and [email protected] Complaints matter and they can make all the differences to the chances of winning the argument for a TRO. So please do it!


Chertpit / Leys Lane, Great Longstone

The Peak Park is planning a Traffic Regulation Order for Leys Lane which will make it a dead end. We will keep you posted. This is the lane which was featured in the recent BBC4 documentary about offroading in the Peak Park.


Long Causeway and The Roych

The Peak Park public consultations on excluding motor vehicles from Long Causeway (Sheffield to Outseats) and The Roych (part of the Pennine Bridleway) has now closed. We will let everyone know the outcome as soon as we have it.  Over 4,000 people took part.


Long Causeway currently has a temporary traffic regulation order in place excluding 4x4s because their weight is putting at risk the revetment which holds up part of the causeway.  There are now hefty barriers at either end. If you see 4x4s breaching the barriers and using the Causeway, please report them to the police by calling 101.   Motor bikes are currently allowed.


Upperdale to Brushfield

The Peak Park is looking at a permit scheme to reduce vehicle use. We are doubtful if a permit scheme can be made to work or give sufficient protection either to the lane or to riders.


Chapel Gate saga

Having lost at the end of last year a high court case brought against its Experimental Traffic Regulation Order by the motor bikers, the Peak Park was poised to take a new decision for a on Chapel Gate at a meeting on 21 March 2013 but heavy snow made the roads to its Bakewell HQ impassable so the meeting was cancelled. Chapel Gate currently has a temporary vehicle ban put in place by DCC pending more repairs. We think that PDNPA will probably decide to go for a permanent vehicle ban. There will then be a public consultation. Watch this space



Latest situation on local lanes

How to report a problem with off-roaders

The need for barriers

Motor vehicles are NOT allowed on bridleways, restricted by-ways or foot paths. If you see a 4x4, trail or quad bike on any of these routes please  report it to the police and get an incident number. If you see dangerous driving by off-roaders on any route it is important to report it.


Call  101 and get an incident number

Off-roaders can be very persistent and do not like being told they cannot use a a route. Signs are often removed or ignored. Peak Horsepower want to see barriers which allow legitimate users access but  that exclude damaging off-road vehicles.


Below are pictures of the barriers that have had to be errected to exclude off-roaders at Long Causeway. They had demolished less substantial ones.


Long Causeway Barrier Redmires 2012 Long Causeway Barrier Dennis Knoll 2012 Trail bikes and horse2012 syrface damage banner 11

Peak District National Park Authority and off-roading

One of the most contentious issues faced by those who live in and visit the Peak District is the use of recreational motor vehicles on Green Lanes. To find out what the PDNPA has to say on the subject follow this link is a lot of information about all aspects of managing the use of Motor vehicles on this page and if you click on the link "learn more about Green Lanes" you will be able to find the Action Plans for the worst routes.